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Daisy & Michael’s Wedding in Tring, Herts

Here is the story of Daisy and Michael’s special day at Pendley Manor in Tring Hertfordshire.

There is no “right” way to host a wedding. With so much scope to personalise every aspect that today’s couples can easily make their big day into precisely what they want. Daisy and Michael are a couple who fully embraced the opportunity, filling their special day with unique touches that really summed up who they are and what their relationship was all about.

At your first glance of the gallery, you might think that the couple had merely planned a traditional English wedding in the country. While there were undoubtedly plenty of elements of that, the layers of personalised detail they had worked into the day was staggering and very exciting, particularly from our perspective! Daisy’s shoes are a great way to look at it. From a distance, they look like a standard pair of heels, but when you get close, you can see that the white fabric is patterned with blue flowers (for a “something blue”) and decorated with lace, glitter and pearls. Look closer again, and the sole is covered with brightly covered floral fabric and, finally, inside, bespoke embroidery. All these details are lovely on their own and when combined, form something uniquely beautiful.

Some favourite details from the day are:
● The Lego cake! At one angle it looked like a regular, stacked wedding cake but the tiny Lego bride and groom on the top and the figures around the side told another story. The Lego theme continued in details like Michael’s cufflinks and the toys given to the younger guests.
● The bride’s hennaed hands were an unexpected but beautiful touch.
● The singing waiters, who surprised guests with flash-mob style service.
● Having Elvis Presley’s “Wonder of You” as their choice for the first dance. It was perfect.
● The brilliant band who played fantastic songs of disco, soul and funk with incredible energy! They were fantastic and the floor shook with the energy of the guests’ dancing until late.

During his vows, Michael pledged to keep Daisy smiling and, if their wedding day is anything to go by, he will make good on his promise.

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