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Wedding Videography & Photography Packages

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As special as it is, your wedding day represents just one day in a lifetime of events so how do you stop it blurring over time? Choosing the right wedding photographer and videographer will ensure your cherished memories stay fresh in your mind forever, giving you a visual reminder of all the love, excitement, and joy you will feel as you step across the threshold into married life.

It doesn’t matter whether you are marrying at home or abroad, having a religious ceremony or a civil one, planning an intimate ceremony or inviting everyone you know, your wedding day should be everything you dream of and that includes your wedding video and photography. Combining the two into one easy package makes good sense: photos give you beautiful images, while video allows you to relive the sounds of speeches, laughter, music, and the voices of those you love.

Should you decide you would like to hire us for both, or separately for your wedding photography or videography, this can be arranged based on availability. Our wedding photographs, as well as our wedding videos, aren’t merely beautiful for beauty’s sake, but they express the love and emotion being a treasured keepsake that will last a lifetime, preserving the essence and standing witness to your joyful occasion and your precious memories.

There are three fantastic reasons to choose a Wedding Photo & Video Package:

You will save time and money by only having one supplier to deal with



Your photographer and videographer will work well together, helping each other, rather than be "fighting" for the best angle


Your wedding photography and videography will have a harmonious and cohesive feel

See bellow samples of wedding Video Highlights
We and all the videographers and editors do not own these music copyrights. All music rights and credits belong to their respective and rightful owners. If you own the music in some of these videos and you wish to be removed please let us know. Nek Vardikos Photographia & Video has not any responsibility of the use of music in these videos.


Here are the answers to some common wedding videography questions

Can I Only Order Videography?
Of course you can. If you have already arranged another photographer for your wedding or you just want the video only you can hire us to film your special day.

How Much Does Wedding Videography Cost?
You can use our online calculator to get a good idea of what to expect. Our packages start at £650 for half-day coverage and £1,450 for full day. Our wedding videography includes editing, professional equipment and back-up cameras, public liability insurance.

How Long will a Video Run For and How Do I Get It?
Our wedding videos are usually from 2 to 4 hours total. You’re getting the full footage edited in chapters including a Highlights trailer which you can also share it online. Your video is being delivered in both SD and HD versions, in one BluRay/USB drive and three DVD disc copies (4K option is now also available).

How Long will My Wedding Videographer Be There?
As long as you want. We can tailor packages that simply cover your ceremony, or include ones which start with you getting ready and finish with an aerial shot of your car departing for your honeymoon. It is entirely up to you. Typically a full-day wedding filming lasts 9 to 13 hours. Again, we give you the full footage edited!

Will My Wedding Videographer Have Loads of Equipment?
Modern cameras and microphones are so unobtrusive that you will barely even know your wedding cinematographer is there. Our equipment works well even in low light and if extra lighting is required we will make sure this is done without interfering with your setting.

Can you Video my Destination Wedding?
Absolutely! Though we are based in St Albans and London we provide wedding videography in Hertfordshire, all over the UK, the US and international, and we have extensive experience filming both religious and civil ceremonies.

Will my Wedding Video Have Music?
Most wedding videos feature music so if you have your own music let us know. We can also choose songs or instrumental tracks we know will work in different sections. The aim is to create a film not just a video of your special day, and no wedding is complete without music.


If your question isn’t answered here, or you want to find out more about our services as a wedding photographer and videographer please get in touch.

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