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Valerie & George’s wedding in Brittany, France

Valerie and George are a stylish Parisian couple who decided to escape the heat of the capital for their wedding, escaping to the laid-back beaches of Brittany. With friends and family coming from around Europe for the big day, they wanted a place where everyone could stay and enjoy catching up over several days, so they booked the Les Iles campsite in Penestin for the celebrations.

The couple were very happy campers as they dressed in their finery to exchange vows at the Mairie (Town Hall) in front of their loved ones. It was a joyous ceremony – I don’t think Valerie stopped smiling for a single moment. The shot of the newlyweds exiting to cheers and confetti is one of my favourites as their delight is so evident. While everyone else returned to Les Iles to get the party started, we went to the front beach for a romantic shoot of our handsome couple, making the most of the seaside location.

Les Iles was a fantastic choice for this couple, who made their love of travel the theme for the reception decor. After exchanging her elegant floor-length wedding dress for something more dance-floor friendly, Valerie was in her element. We also loved the cake which was a delicious croquembouche. The party was full of surprises and we stayed until very late but do not doubt that the revelry continued long after our departure. Félicitations pour votre mariage!

Photo by Cédric Tosoni

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