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Food Photography for cook book publications

21 Mar 2012| 5 comments | Food
It was a great experience doing the food photography for this publication. All the plates was high-end creations of contemporary mediterranean cuisine. Cooked with extra care and attention by the chefs, this food photography project included more than 1500 creative recipes and equivalent plates. I enjoyed the eight months of shooting, editing and archiving thousands of pictures. 45 cook books were published in three languages by Maliaris-Peadia Publications. I would have liked to be able to tell Leonardo Garcia and Giannis Margaris what talented Chefs they are, but unfortunately they never prepared a dish for a shooting that the photographer could taste! Almost everything was completely uncooked, to protect the food sight and colour, which is what we do with a vast majority of food shootings. Except of course from the cake at the end… That indeed was cooked!

Photos showing plates with pasta - Food Photography - Malliaris Publications 01 Photos of cooking pasta and fish - Food Photography - Malliaris Publications 02 A roast beef plate - Food Photography - Malliaris Publications 03 Plates with mushrooms and meat - Food Photography - Malliaris Publications 04

Food photography for cook book publications

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  1. Leo |

    Awesome work Nek. I was pleased to work with you and your team. Thank you for all the ideas and tips. Need to say that you could also could be not only an amazing photographer but also an amazing cook! Just you need to put all out there and buy a cooker. I’ll recommend you to all my friends and colleagues. Take care , Leo.

  2. Gavin Marth |

    What a delicious food photography! Makes me want to cook. But as we know that it isn’t all about looks but also about our taste buds : )

  3. Lamy Gregoriou |

    I am vegeterian but 100% these pictures seems very appetaizing for me. Great shoot Nek. Very talanted as i know you. Love to see that food can be so brightly put in pictures. Keep it up, Lamy

  4. Linda Madison |

    Tip of the day. Never look at food photo blogs when you are hungry. Amazing, Nek!

  5. Simon Basteja |

    The picture with pork over the mash potatoes looks like 3D. Just could take and eat it! Brilliant photos!

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