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Hotel Photography Prices


Example shot of Hotel Photography showing a spa

A hotel photo shoot is a challenging kind of architectural photography. Nek has a lot of interest shooting at hotels due to various lighting conditions he has to take care, along with the difficulty to combine enough elements without being yapping.

Hotel photography lasts, on average, two to three days, and then he usually needs time for editing. Some of the required subjects to be photographed are interior and exterior aspects, panoramic composing, day and night time shots, close-ups, as well as a couple of food photography images.

The prices depends on your needs so please contact us for a quote in hotel photography. Visit our blog where presented some of hotel photography example images. Nek’s aim is always to add one more star +1 to your hotel! For any questions feel free to drop us a line.

Hotel photoshoot starts at £370 to £450 per day. The price includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor architectural photo shoot.
  • High-resolution photos, digitally perfected.
  • Special editing of selected photos.

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