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A Christening Video in Battersea London – Documentary highlights

A baby’s christening or baptism is one of the most significant early moments in their life. Christening videography gives you a documentary record of every precious moment of this momentous day to cherish forever. In christenings not only are you celebrating their place in your family, the religious sacrament commemorates their acceptance into the church.

I was very happy to be the christening videographer for Leonidas’ baptism at St Nectarios church in Battersea London, where Father Christodoulos officiated. Leonidas was an angel throughout the service, happily being held by his Godparents as they committed to their role in his life while his parents watched proudly. Even being undressed and immersed in the font did not upset him – I suspect this little lion loves bath time!

The interior St Nektarios’ church was wonderfully lit by the sunshine which streamed through the windows and showcased the rich colours and gold accents of the paintings which adorn the walls. It was an intimate, loving gathering of family and friends who witnessed Leonidas’ special day, each of whom was given a traditional witness pin, or martyrika, to commemorate their participation.

The quality of light inside a church can make baptism videography difficult with a normal camera, but having a professional christening videographer with the right experience and equipment makes all the difference. Whether your christening is an intimate affair or a large gathering of family and friends, I will capture the essence of joy and love that surrounds you and your child.

When preparing for your christening video there are several key points to consider. The first is whether your church allows cameras inside. Filming a ceremony where music is played or performed can have copyright implications, however many churches have a Church Copyright Licence which can cover this. It is your videographer’s role to ensure all licenses are in place, as well as to speak with the priest or celebrant to reassure them there will be minimal disruption to the service.

Think about your clothing. Leonidas’ mother wore a rich deep red dress which was complemented by the shade of her husband’s tie. Choose an outfit which makes you feel fantastic and your confidence will shine through in the photos. Classic styles in a solid colour or small pattern work best, as they allow the eye to focus on your baby. Your outfit should also look appropriate in the church, and in your reception venue.

Contact us if you are searching for experienced christening videographers in London, the UK and overseas. We can tailor a christening videography package which can include coverage of the reception as well as the service.

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