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Wedding photography at Chelsea’s Town Hall – Caroline & Gareth Williams

It was such a wonderful experience for myself to be able to photograph, and moreover be present at Caroline’s Chelsea wedding, as she married her husband Gareth at the Chelsea Town Hall office in July.

I loved capturing the moments of her first walking down the street towards me, arriving with Gareth and their two witnesses Sarah and Barry at the offices. All smiles of course! Then the special moments from the process of the booking, through to the ceremony itself. It was lovely to photograph the expressions of their witnesses too. Plus of course the ceremony end. Choosing the smaller registry room for their service, the wedding ceremony was animated and light hearted, which was well suited to both Caroline and Gareth and their relationship with each other, as well as their strong friendships with their fun loving friends Sarah and Barry.

As Caroline had chosen to do things the other way around and get legally married, after their symbolic wedding, this was a bit of fun for them and you could tell that they thoroughly enjoyed the whole wedding experience at Chelsea Town Hall.

Some of my favourite shots to take was the four of them leaving the registry. I took the photos upwards getting them to lean over on the stairs. I also love the emotions of the couple, as well as guests after a ceremony is over. All expressions are so relaxed and happy.

Registries are great to photograph even if minimal people. It is a memory the couple can treasure forever to themselves, through a beautiful album, no matter how private the ceremonies are.



 Gallery of Chelsea town hall rooms and couple holding each other Ceremony shots from a wedding at Chelsea Town Hall


Chelsea Wedding Photography – The wedding of Caroline & Gareth Williams

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  1. Zia Rashe |

    All the pictures are with a story! Again, Nek you have made one of your masterpieces ! Very emotional gallery!

  2. Caroline Williams |

    Nek you were sensational! Always seemingly in the background non-abrasively but such amazing close up shots. We thoroughly enjoyed your patience, initiative and speed with the photography. No wonder you are so good at what you do! We love the shot of the rings. Many thanks, Caroline and Gareth Williams

  3. Amanda Walsh |

    What a simple but elegant dress for the bride. Excellent choice! Wishing them a long life together and let those smiles be on their faces as long as they live.

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